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02-05 Yrs

Plant 2-4 Trillion Trees or more!

Capture 50-100 Gigatons CO2/yr

Global CO2 Output = 50 Gtons/yr

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Infinitas.Cloud Infinitas.Cloud

Life-Work Apps

❤️️ Many 100% FREE forever!
❤️️ Starting $1/month.
❤️️ 100% democratized access.
❤️️ 100% CO2-sequestering apps.
❤️️ New RideWiz system coming!
❤️️ 100% carbon-sequestering hosting.
❤️️ We're serious about saving our Earth.

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CLTX coin

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. 



CLTX coin minted to offer robust secure crypto democratization.

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Urgent, impactful & democratized. Privacy-first, green & contactless. Combined with our clear-eyed mission to deliver these tools, we are 100% untethered from unscrupulous companies who sell, rent and abuse your private data.

We've integrated our multiuser & multitenant apps with our coin & AI-powered mining pool to allow the best Web 3.0 experience i.e. the way apps in the original Internet were designed to work.

With cutting-edge innovations, we're addressing head-on healthcare FFS (fee-for-service) models by replacing them with fully-vested Value-Based-Reimbursement (VBR) ones in every healthcare/medical app/solution we're designing & deploying. This directly impacts cost-savings centers for all stakeholders, i.e. covered entities , providers, vendors, systems-integrators & of course payers. This is at all levels working to deliver "much" better end-user & patient care in the end.

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Lisaiceland Privacy First Tools

⚡ Be the customer. NOT the product!
🔥  Ugh! Companies will sell you
🔥  Ugh! Their AI is used against you.
🔥  Ugh! Let's stop being naïve.
✔️ Privacy-first. 100% full-featured.
✔️ Contactless workflows.
✔️ Democratized = FREE & $1/month
✔️ Democratized app pmts (crypto/fiat)
✔️ NO AI is used against you. Ever.
✔️ Own your data forever.
✔️ Green & USA-built & integrated.
✔️ Web3: Coin & mining pool!

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🦠 Covid-19 & other med-grade tools delivered since 2/2020. 
🦠 Cardiac calculators. Life calculators. Detectors. Anonymous self-check chatbots. Covid-19 patient clinical patient outcome predictors.
🦠 myInstantVitals - App uses 100% non-invasive camera-based PPG & DL technique for measuring blood volume changes in the blood vessels close to the skin. Targets: BPM, HR, BP, HRV-SDNN, respiration, SPO2 & more. This can be used with our myBPClassification (i.e. to classify BP history over time) & myCardioMyo (i.e. cardiomyopathy assessment using advanced DL BbyB prediction algo for ejection frac calcs. Currently ~88% accuracy.
🦠 Covid-19 Symptoms Checker
🦠 myCovidDetector
🦠 myDiabetesDetector
🦠 Brain Tumor Radiogenomic Detector
✔️ We donate actively. Please donate & help us.

📲 Workflow solutions as SaaS platforms.
📲 Surgical preference card mgmt.
📲 Integrated Telemed/videochat.
📲 SQL clinical trials data reviewer. 
📲 AI smarter chatbots (myai.expert).
📲 Democratized privacy-first tools-access.
📲 Secured & blockchain-validated (web3).
📲 Verifiable clinical training credentialing.

Securing Crypto-Democratized
✔️ Privacy-First
✔️ Green
✔️ Contactless

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🚀 Web3 Investment Opportunity

🚩 CLTX security coin (aka coin*)
(with ICO = Initial Coin Offering)
*CLTX fees set by our network

🚩 PoW-Based Mining Pool
AI-powered mining pool soon!
(aka "Teal Sky")

🚩 PoW-Based NFT Market
Buy/Sell/Trade our NFTs

🚩 FYI: Difference between a coin and a token:
It’s important to understand the difference between coins and tokens. Both are cryptocurrencies & NFTs, but while a coin—Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin—operates on its own blockchain and is typically based on Proof-of-Work (aka PoW), a token lives on top of an existing blockchain infrastructure like Ethereum and is based on Proof-of-Stake (aka PoS).

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🛡️ Democratized privacy-first tools-access.
🛡️ Secured & blockchain-validated (web3).
🛡️ We're a fully transparent team and we renew our commitment to you every day by providing high-quality, security-hardened & full-featured workflow apps & connected blockchain-secured-data retention.
🛡️ Our apps (dApps), APIs & AI running on our hybrid-cloud backends & blockchain-secured cost a ton of money to run with our secured database clusters. We never pass that cost on to you.
🛡️ It's the best deal for protecting your data privacy & retention, which includes GDPR, CCPA & "beyond" HIPAA protections, scanning & locks (even in worst-case scenarios where Google Cloud w/HIPAA protections is itself breached somehow which we have no control of). 
🛡️ We protect your data access for app-to-db data-in-flight & data-at-rest with near perfect 100% up-time performance (see our SLA Page and/or Uptime Status).
🛡️ We never sell your data to anyone.
🛡️ We're a small software development shop specializing in the healthcare & medical research technical solutions area building real-life products that matter & give back to our communities & our planet.
🛡️ We are diversity-first initiative.
✔️ More About Us | Tech + Security

❤️️ Life Workflow-Focused Apps
❤️️ Value Base Reimbursement (VBR)
❤️️ Democratized privacy-first tools.
❤️️ Your Data Forever
❤️️ Enjoy Life - Worry Less
❤️️ 99% OFF = $1/month
❤️️ Full-Featured Apps - FREE Trials!
❤️️ Powered by myClinApps.
❤️️ Deployed on Infinitas.Cloud.
❤️️ AI-enhanced with myai.expert.
❤️️ Zero Learning Curve
❤️️ Secured blockchain (web3).
❤️️ 100% "green-hosted".
❤️️ 100% contactless.
❤️️ 100% USA-made.
❤️️ Available right now.
❤️️ PWA, Mobile & Desktop
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🔻 Website ADA compliance custom code!
🔻 Democratized privacy-first tools-access.
🔻 Web 3.0 standard (incl. blockchain).
🔻 Democratized ADA compliance.
🔻 72-hr max turnaround
🔻 Custom software delivered!
🔻 Available right now.


01 Jan 2022

🔴 Future | Forward

Lisaiceland - Infinitas.Cloud

✔️ More: democratization!
✔️ CaptureCO2.live
✔️ Improved dApps (yes it matters)!
✔️ AI: NLP/NLU, OpenCV & Detectors.
✔️ VBR Apps: Value-based reimbursements.

01 Feb 2020

🔴 Science | Matters

Lisaiceland - Please Donate Generously

✔️ Validations-computing.
✔️ Direct Covid-19 mRNA impact.
✔️ Blockchain-validated (web3).
✔️ We continue to help. (more)

01 Jan 2013

🔴 Innovate | Iterate

Lisaiceland - myClinApps

✔️ Solutions since 2013.
✔️ Lisaiceland named to honor Katla.
✔️ Green carbon-negative apps.
✔️ Blockchain-validated (web3).
✔️ One future. No walls. (more)

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.













WEB 3.0




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- 100% contactless operations.
- Blockchain-validated (web3).
- Straight-forward 15-day payouts.
- Stripe, Paddle & PayPal payouts.
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To help you LINK - SELL - EARN, we have created a master course for you. Complete step-by-step blueprint to create your social media strategy that works for you! Nine (09) solid modules. Hours of study in the most critical things to do to make your social media presence pay and stick. Only US$9.99 one-time cost.

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