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Simplify YOUR work(flow). Your zone. Your data forever. 100% GDPR, CCPA & global privacy built-in. Succeed in all of your business AND personal work(flows). 100% FREE apps AND apps starting at only $1/mo with FREE 10-30-day trials!






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01 Jan 2021

2021 | Beyond

Lisaiceland - Infinitass Cloud

⚡ Be the customer. NOT the product. ⚡
✔️ Your TOOLS. Zero Learning Curve.
❌ Ugh! AI scraping YOUR data against you.
❌ Ugh! Facebook & 99% others will mess you up.
✔️ NO AI algorithms against you.
✔️ YOUR data. Forever. Lock it up tight.
Proactively-created 100% green-hosted apps (GHA) & under our 100% diversity-first initiative. We've been hard at work to ideate, develop, build and deploy our apps to LIVE production! The above are just a few of our many amazing remoting-based life-workflow platforms. Many 100% FREE & ALL on extended launch sale!
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01 Feb 2020

Science | Matters

Lisaiceland - Please Donate Generously

We've stepped up to help to boldly do new advanced protein-folding mRNA validations-computing. This help to address monumental challenges in fundamental applied medical research in infectious-diseases.. Specifically for Covid-19 and ultimately emerging variants & new threats.

​🦠​ mRNA validations ​✔️​

This helps researchers everywhere to complete their experiments faster. Our contributions among many Covid-19 projects that are under way & funded by us privately. Please help us. The war is not over. Not even close.

01 Jan 2013

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Lisaiceland - myClinApps

✔️ 1 team. 1 effort. 1 purpose. 2013-2021. Apps, APIs & AI. 100% Made In America. We're a no-nonsense team of practical can-do experienced colleagues & friends working as creators, scientists, applied engineers & solutions builders. We've already delivered multiple mitigation solutions since February 2020. This is not a battle. It's a war to defeat the coronavirus and future outbreaks PLUS come out with solutions that are usable far beyond. We've implemented the best strategies: 100% no-boring-docs Zero Learning Curve (ZLC) designs & implementations, 100% Green Hosted Apps (GHA) on all our CDNs & partnered hosting sites & 100% Diversity First Initiative (DFI). We care and we're very active. (more at our myClinAppss CMS site).

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.


Lisaiceland - Donate Generously

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Lisaiceland - Donate Generously


🦠 Covid-19





⚡ Interactive Covid-19 Symptoms --> Check Now! ⚡
✔️ Multiple Tools Delivered since February 2020.
✔️ myInstantVitals - App uses 100% non-invasive camera-based PPG & DL technique for measuring blood volume changes in the blood vessels close to the skin. Targets: BPM, HR, BP, HRV-SDNN, respiration, SPO2 & more. This can be used with our myBPClassification (i.e. to classify BP history over time) & myCardioMyo (i.e. cardiomyopathy assessment using advanced DL BbyB prediction algo for ejection frac calcs. 🚀 beta here 🚧)
✔️ myCovidDetector - App uses 100% non-invasive camera-based PPG & DL technique. Currently ~92% accuracy on our training & live datasets based solely on X-ray images i.e. no other data, no PHI or PII, including no geographical (GPS) location or population density data, etc. was used to train our model with 100% sensitivity and 85% specificity.
✔️ myDiabetesDetector - App uses 100% non-invasive DL algo. Currently ~84% accuracy. We're working to increase this accuracy by Q4 2020.
✔️ myContactsTracer - App uses 100% non-invasive contactless technique that encrypts e2e + anonymizes (aka "de-ID's") PHI and PII fully in auditable form to allow contacts to be traced, linked and connected with healthcare personnel who can help mitigate virus spreads. Distributed efficient admin technique is used for best results. (more here -->)
✔️ 100% Made In America.

✔️ We have deep experience in developing workflow solutions SaaS platforms & apps for urgent Covid-19, surgical preference card management (prefCarda), master clinical-consumer eligibility APCDs, telemed/videochat, CAR-T genomic therapies systems, clinical trials & verifiable credentialed clinical training that deliver key value-added benefits. PWA, Mobile & Desktop. (more here -->)
✔️ 100% Made In America.

✔️ Fast turnarounds for Covid-19 testing & other viruses. We're using high-quality PCR (RT-qPCR) detection kits for nCoV-2019 that allows us to conduct specific early detection of the virus with CE-IVD, USFDA, WHO approvals.

🦠 VIRUS DETECTION TESTS: The detection for all strains of winter virus: Influenza A, Influenza B, RSV and SARS-CoV-2 (Lyophilised) CE-IVD.
🦠 ANTIBODIES TESTS: Also, we'll be doing high-performance enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies.  

✔️ Service starts are being planned right now. Under federal, state & local license processing. All tech for data-access that we're using is opensource and easily-integrated with APIs to multiple software and hardware systems, i.e. easy integration to EHR/EMRs and other FHIR & HL7 interfaced-systems for easy data-portability from our equipment & services. We do all in-house development at this time. No outsourcing. (WIP & coming soon - more here 🚧) 
✔️ Please donate generously so that we can get this going, especially targeted for rural areas. We're in this together and need lots of help from you our community members! (more here -->)

✔️ We're transparent and we renew our commitment to you every day by providing high-quality, security-hardened & full-featured workflow apps & connected secured-data retention. Also scaling enterprise plans soon as a first-class citizen.
✔️ Our hybrid-cloud backends costs a ton of money to run our apps & secured database clusters. We never pass that cost on to you.
✔️ It's the best deal for protecting your data privacy & retention, which includes GDPR, CCPA & "beyond" HIPAA protections, scanning & locks (even in worst-case scenarios where Google Cloud w/HIPAA protections is itself breached somehow which we have no control of). 
✔️ We protect your data access for app-to-db data-in-flight & data-at-rest with near perfect 100% up-time performance (see our SLA Page and/or Uptime Status Page).
✔️ We never sell or rent your data to anyone for any reason (see our privacy & terms).
✔️ We're a small healthcare & medical research technical solutions team building real-life products that matter & give back to our communities & our planet (more About Us | Tech + Security).
✔️ 100% Made In America.

❤️️ Zero Learning Curve
❤️️ 100% Green Hosted Apps
❤️️ Diversity First Initiative
❤️️ Covid-19 Focused Solutions
❤️️ Your Data Forever - We never sell, rent or use!
❤️️ Enjoy Life - Worry Less
❤️️ 99% OFF = $1/month
❤️️ Full Featured - FREE Trials!
✔️ 100% Made In America.
✔️ myClinApps --> 

✔️ Website ADA compliance: custom design + install (more here -->)
✔️ 100% Made In America.

Tech | Security

✔️ Zero Learning Curve (ZLC), 100% Green Hosted Apps (GHA) & Diversity First Initiative tech is used.
✔️ Plus, we integrated edge-computing with MLOps using our custom voice-AI-engine myai.expert, end-to-end platform security & extra layers of db-security.
✔️ Our goal is to achieve the best results for our end-users, teams & planet Earth 🌎

Lisaiceland - Tech Used Lisaiceland - Tech Used

Beyond |HIPAA

✔️ We  DO NOT subvert, sell, rent or use your data in any way. Your email is only used for user-management in our backends and sending you notifications and announcements from us only. Also, we anonymize even your visit data that's collected to serve you better (i.e. your IP & subnet address info & other sensitive info from the very first visit!). Once using any of our apps, only you can read your messages & data. e.g. using our apps with our hybrid-clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud Data, other hybrid-cloud setups, AppEngine, API Server Clusters e.g. MongoDB, GCP noSQL, MariaDB, mySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB and other third-party services cannot decrypt and access messages and data). more here -->

✔️ Your data is always encrypted and protected at rest and in transit. more here -->

✔️ Your data protection doesn't rely on any network and service providers, so any attacks on them won't influence the data integrity and confidentiality. more here -->

✔️ Our security rootkits for protecting your data and all other measures we take very aggressively, sign and verify every piece of data as part of the encrypt and decrypt function. This confirms that data is actually coming from the user who encrypted it and that it hasn't been tampered with in transit or storage. We have taken every conceivable step to protect you first and foremost. Yes, blockchaining the data is part of our strategy as well. more here -->

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Lisaiceland Extreme Privacy

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