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share amazing posts

Post, like, chat, follow & socialize


It's yours. all of it.

Your data forever (GDPR+)

AVAILABLE everywhere

Online + Offline modes

"I can post, share, like and follow. Great. My data forever. Never Sold to anyone.
Even better.

A social network NOT born from corruption.
Tell me more.

I'm testing it right now!
Badass concept is all I can say.

Keep it strong.

Thank you from the community."

John M. Chambers
Testing Specialist

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Originally developed to complement our clinical trials system CT360, it's now available as a stand-alone app and system for public benefit in general. Our key motivation for our no-nonsense public-helper app project is so that you can use and benefit immediately from a social network that's easy, safe, letting you own your data forever and is born free from corruption. We mean this in earnest. You'll see it in practice.